History of the S4SSS and IMC

2005 - 2010 - 2015 conferences @ Perth

From 2005 to 2015, three conferences focusing on Mountain specific issues were held in Perth.

Relaunch of IMC and idea of additional Summer School to support early career mountain scientists
Developments towards a Student for Student Summer School (#S4SSS)

2019 #S4SSS @ Innsbruck

The first #S4SSS took place from 3 – 9, September 2019 in Obergurgl/Innsbruck with 60+ PhD Students from 20 countries.

2019 #IMC @ Innsbruck

The first #IMC took place from 8 – 12 September 2019 in Innsbruck with 500+ experts and more than 40 workshops.

2022 #IMC & #S4SSS @ Innsbruck

Motivated by positive experiences and feedback from #IMC19 participants, the #IMC and #S4SSSS continued in 2022 in Innsbruck and again provided a unique possibility for experts in Mountain research to discuss a broad range of Mountain related topics. More than 80+ workshops, discussion platforms, sessions with around 1000 participants shaped this conference, for the first time in an hybrid format. Also the summer school grew to more than 70+ students from all over the world.

2025 #S4SSS & #IMC @ Innsbruck

We will continue this successful journey, thus the planning phase for #IMC25 & #S4SSS already started. For the #S4SSS again Obergurgl will be the host city. A dozens young and motivated international PhD students will organize and develope again a fantastic summer school in a fantastic location, so that PhDs all over the world will experience unforgetable moments.