Focus Group: Mountain Atmosphere

Thematic Frame

The variety of atmospheric processes that occur over complex terrain areas makes the mountain boundary layer difficult to study as it ranges from the scale of kilometers (gravity waves) down to nanometers (turbulent eddies dissipation). However, understanding atmospheric processes in mountainous areas is fundamental and has countless applications to human everyday life: i.e. monitoring air quality (transport of pollutants and other species), forecasting extreme events…

A key component for understanding these processes is their measurement. This can be challenging especially in complex terrain areas as logistical issues limit the availability of persistent instrumentation in interesting locations. The development of innovative, affordable, and feasible measurement techniques has thus been a recurring research topic over the years.

Recommended to all …

Exchange Processes & Boundary Layer

… working on topics like, but not limited to, atmospheric boundary layer and land-atmosphere-exchange

Eddy Covariance Technique

… interested in eddy covariance techniques and flux analysis

Emissions & Inventories

… with a strong focus on quantifying emissions of natural and anthropogenic sources

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Mattia Marchio

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