Sustainability Strategy

“Let’s do it”

The Organizing Committee is trying to keep the footprint and environmental impacts of #IMC25 small – the final success will depend on all of us. Social sustainability in a world of large disparities is as much a concern of IMC as environmental sustainability. Supported by the partner organisations, IMC strives for cultural and geographical diversity.


“Promote sustainable transport systems”


Incentives for sustainable modes of transport through emission mitigation challenge (details available soon)

Public transport included

IMC registration includes public transport in Innsbruck (operated by IVB)

Short distances

The conference venues are located very close to the city center and just a few minutes away on foot from many hotels


“Sustainable food tastes better! Less is more!”

Purchuase local and seasonal

We prefer seasonal and regional food

Vegetarian food

All meals at IMC will be vegetarian

Fair Trade

Purchase fair trade products (coffee etc.)

No (food) waste

Only reusable dishes are used, left over meals are offered to people on-site

Waste Separation System

All our locations offer waste separation systems


“Every individual is different”

Bring people together

Travel grants and virtual participation to reduce financial barriers

Helping with accommodation

Affordable accommodations are reserved for researchers with financial restrictions

Providing opportunities

IMC supports young researchers, for example at S4SSS


All our locations are barrier-free and our volunteers will be ready to assist wheelchair users


Childcare will be offered during all conference sessions and workshops on-site.