The University-Center of Obergurgl

Obergurgl is among the highest permanent settlements in the Eastern Alps. It belongs to Sölden, the municipality with the largest area and the highest fraction of high mountain area in Austria.

The University Center Obergurgl is a modern congress hotel with 40 bedrooms, seminar rooms and a unique view to mountain environments with (vanishing) glaciers.

The best place for fruitful discussions and great output

The decision to choose this place for the S4SSS is not surprising. Past experiences revealed the positive influence the surrounding landscape had on the motivation of the participants. Theory and practical experiences merge to create a unique and productive dynamic. The students are so close to the natural forces that make their theoretical studies real.

Especially for students not living in mountainous areas, Obergurgl holds a special fascination. Mountains up to +3000m, dozens of glaciers, impressive waterfalls and many other highlights imprint in the student’s minds, and influence their future career 😉

Innsbruck from 1886
Tiroler Fremdenblatt, Organ zur Hebung des Fremdenverkehrs in Tirol, Vorarlberg und dem bayerischen Hochland Nr.12/1886
Historical map from ~1888
Meyers Konversationslexikon (1888), Band 8, Seite 966
A modern state-of-the-art center meets alpine flair

Historically, the University-Center of Obergurgl was a collection of toll houses along the Timmelsjoch track. In the year 2004, today’s rector Univ.-Prof. Dr. Tilmann Märk initiated the transformation of the buildings from a simple research station to a multifunctional research center usable for research, congress and conference purposes.

Small-group Seminar Room
Ready for all kinds of group size the University-Center offers different modern seminar rooms
View from the Dining Room of the Center
Enjoying your breakfast in front of the incredible view to the surrounding glaciers
Largest Conference Room
Ready for all kinds of group size the University-Center offers different modern seminar rooms
Live View from Obergurgl

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