ID10: Changes in Snow Cover in Mountainous Regions of the Earth


  • Full Title

    Changes in Snow Cover in Mountainous Regions of the Earth – Current Status and Research Needs for the Future

  • Scheduled

    Tuesday, 2022-09-13
    Session Part I: 13:30 – 15:00
    Session Part II: 16:00 – 17:30

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  • Co-Authors

    Christoph Marty and Shawn Marshall

  • Assigned to Synthesis Workshop

    2. The blue gold rush – water management and related power structure

  • Keywords

    Climate change, mountain snow cover, snow data, spatio-temporal trends, EDCC, effects of snow changes, research gaps


Climate change clearly affects the amount and distribution of snow in mountains in space and time, although this relationship is not simple. For example, several studies show that the response of mountain snow cover to climate change (i) is not a simple effect of temperature change, and depends on: (ii) geographical location (climate zone), (iii) latitude, and (iv) regional atmospheric influences (e.g. interaction with synoptic-scale atmospheric flows). However, the observational capacity and the process understanding of these interactions varies across mountain regions. The aim of this session is to bring together the knowledge and experience of researchers from different mountain regions of the world working on climate change-induced changes in snow cover, to present the current state of understanding and to identify research gaps. Given the general importance of snow for ecology, the economy and for human life in general, researchers from different and interdisciplinary fields are encouraged to contribute.

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