Feedback of #IMC22

Comments & Answers

We agree! To improve the situation for IMC2025, we are currently checking out further options at the venue to increase our capacities.

Some participants would prefer longer presentations (e.g. 10 min), others more time for discussions. We will account for this at IMC2025 by refining existing session formats and providing a new format (type workshop with a focus on discussion).

There are some pros and cons we see for a 2 year return period (instead of a 3 year cycle). The Scientific Committee will discuss and decide on the respective strategy after IMC2025.

We agree that the schedule of IMC2022 was quite intense. On the other hand, the compact format helps to reduce costs e.g. for overnights and favours side meetings before and after the conference.

In the preparation phase of IMC2022, restrictions related to COVID were still present so there was no choice than providing a hybrid format. However, without a Pandemic we fully agree and will likely switch back to onsite only (maybe with live-streams for some events).