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    Sept. 15 2022
    14:00 – 18:00

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    High Income
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    € 5,00


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    Field Trip

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    Guided Tour & Discussions

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A few years ago, a ship provided information about the significance that mining once had in the Austrian province of Tyrol. In the only a few meter deep sea a little more than 140 kilometres north of Mombasa lay the “Ngomeni shipwreck”. More than 500 years ago, Portugese ships with copper from Fugger smelting works in Tyrol and elsewhere as trade cargo headed for African trading cities. The mines in the Alps supplied what was needed for the spice trade with India in Goa, Cochin, Cannanore, Calicut and Quilon: copper, copper, copper.

In the Schwazer Bergbuch from the middle of the 16th century – an important early modern collection of mining texts and illustrations – there is also an illustration of the mining region above the city of Innsbruck. More than 500 years ago, ore was also mined in many places on the mountainsides of the Nordkette. The main activities in the Innsbruck mining area date back to the 15th and early 16th centuries. The Höttinger Graben, where 70 tunnels were operated in the past, was the centre of activity.

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