ID33: Life after Ice


  • Full Title

    Emerging hydro-ecological research in deglaciating mountain landscapes

  • Scheduled

    Tuesday, 2022-09-13

  • Co-Conveners

    Mark Bryan, Emilio Mateo, Michael Baraer, Alfonso Andres Fernandez Rivera, Robert Herllstrom, Jeffrey McKenzie and Lauren Somers

  • Assigned to Synthesis Workshop

    1. Mountain Ecosystems under Global Change

  • Keywords

    hydrology, groundwater, vegetation, geomorphology, periglacial or pro-glacial, ecosystem services, water quality


As glaciers retreat, newly exposed landscapes are emerging from below the ice. Under different climates and topography, these fresh mountain landscapes see varying rates of vegetation colonization, geomorphologic evolution and changes in hydrologic functioning that influence the hydrologic and ecosystem services provided by mountain systems. We welcome submissions across disciplines discussing monitoring efforts, field-based and modelling studies of the eco-hydrological processes, patterns and evolution within deglaciating landscapes. Particular attention will be given to contributions exploring the influence of these changing landscapes on surface water and groundwater flow, water quality, vegetation growth, and natural hazards at different scales. We also welcome submissions exploring how mountain communities interact with these newly deglaciated landscapes or are impacted by changing eco-hydrologic functioning of the watershed.

Registered Abstracts

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ID32: Land tenure and entrepreneurship in mountainous regions