ID28: Highland-lowland systems in water management and resilient societies


  • Full Title

    Highland-lowland interactive systems in sustainable water management and resilient societies

  • Scheduled

    Tuesday, 2022-09-13

  • Co-Conveners

    Ambe Emmanuel Cheo and Stefano Terzi

  • Assigned to Synthesis Workshop

    2. The blue gold rush – water management and related power structure

  • Keywords

    highland-lowland interactions, water management, multidisciplinary, social-ecological system, transboundary, resilience



Global mountains play an important role as “˜water towers' supplying 60-80% of the Earth's fresh water. However, future water provision is not guaranteed as water availability from mountains is threatened by human activities, including climate change. There is limited understanding of the highly complex dynamics of highland-lowland social, political, cultural/ethnic and economic interdependencies and interactions and their effects on water availability. These dynamics have consequences on water management within and beyond the boundaries of mountain regions. In addition, mountains and their water resources are often located in transboundary contexts which complicates water management and can lead to conflict between competing users.

This multidisciplinary session provides space for discussion and exchange on topics including (but not limited to): risk assessments, climate change adaptation, impact of extreme events, transboundary water management, community resilience, climate transformation/transition, policy and water governance in mountainous areas.

Registered Abstracts

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