ID18: Effects of digitalisation on participatory governance


  • Full Title

    Effects of digitalisation of public participation on the governance of protected areas and a possible change in the representation of stakeholder groups

  • Scheduled

    Monday, 2022-09-12

  • Convener

  • Co-Conveners

    Georg Aichholzer, Arne Arnberger, Michael Jungmeier, Christina Pichler-Koban and Gloria Elisabeth Rose

  • Assigned to Synthesis Workshop

    4. Social innovation and community resource management

  • Keywords

    Digital participation, governance, stakeholder, protected areas, inclusion


In this session we want to highlight the effects of digitalisation of public participation on the governance of mountain protected areas. Protected areas can be model regions for sustainable development, experienced in participation processes. We would like to focus on new solutions towards an integrated multi-channel participation design using digital communication tools for the inclusion of the population in deliberation and decision processes. Additionally, the focus of this session will be on stakeholder groups that partake via traditional forms of participation processes, on the extent of the representation of the total resident population and changes in the representation of stakeholder groups by using digital communication tools. New forms of e-participation tools may provide opportunities for broader participation processes, with the potential to better address hitherto underrepresented groups. The manifold subjects of participatory decision-making may include land-use regulations, conflicts related to natural resources, the allocation of subsidies, budgets or investments etc.

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