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The #IMC25 will take place from September 14 – 18 2025 in Innsbruck, Austria. #IMC25 builds upon the previous mountain conferences and aims to continue this scientific conference series exclusively targeted towards mountain-research. Hosted in the Alps, #IMC25 provides an excellent opportunity for experts from different disciplines to discuss mountain-related issues in a cross-disciplinary setting with flexible session formats. The key goals of the conference are to synthesize and enhance our understanding of mountain systems, in particular their response and resilience to global change.


  • Call for Sessions and Workshops

    October & November 2024

  • Call for Abstracts

    Jan – Feb 2025

  • Registration

    Mar – May 2025

  • Schedule Online

    July 2025

  • IMC Conference

    Sept. 14 – 18 2025

#IMC25 will start in

2025/09/14 17:00:00
You will be forwarded to the #IMC25 General Schedule or click here

Why to join IMC?

common research focus
in altitude within 7km from the venue

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ARU meets IMC

#IMC tries to connect mountain researchers around the globe and particularly aims at supporting researchers from the global South to be part of #IMC25.


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