Kickoff-Talks Icebreaker

The list of speakers for the IMC2022 Icebreaker is now available:

Time (pm) Speaker Organisation Title
05:00-05:15 Stefan Mayr, Wolfgang Gurgiser et al. IMC2022 & University of Innsbruck Welcome and Intro IMC2022
05:15-05:22 Carolina Adler MRI  
05:22-05:29 Wolfgang Schöner IACS, IUGG  
05:29-05:36 Fausto Sarmiento IGU  
05:36-05:43 Antoine Guisan GMBA Collaborative mountain biodiversity science for sustainable development
05:43-05:50 Stefan Schneiderbauer et al. GLOMOS Facing global change challenges and interconnected risks in mountain systems – GLOMOS
05:50-05:57 Jakob Steiner ICIMOD Evidence based policy formulation in mountain environments – the case of the HKH
06:00-06:15 Henry Brecher The Ohio State University From Austria to Antarctica (Abstract)