ID50: Past, Recent and Future Changes in Mountain Transhumance


  • Full Title

    Transhumance in Mountains Facing Global Change: An assessment of Breeders and Stakeholders' Evolving Practices

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  • Co-Conveners

    Maria-Ananstasia Karatzia, Luís Santos, Mohamed Taher Srairi, Jorge Grijalva and Jean François Tourrand

  • Assigned to Synthesis Workshop

    4. Social innovation and community resource management
    6. Mountain food regimes, global challenges and local answers



  • Keywords

    Mountain, Transhumance, New livestock and rangeland Pratices, Livestock challenges


A new research aims to identify the main changes in mountain transhumance over the past decades as perceived by the breeders and stakeholders. This research is currently based on twelve contrasted case studies located in diverse mountain areas and climatic-ecological zones. Several topics of changes are identified, especially in terms of governance, presence of other users, herd and pasture management practices and technologies, transportation. Climate change is an ever-increasing reality that will strongly affect transhumance and the entire livestock sector. Differences and similarities between the case studies suggest that appropriated policies based on collective approaches can enable breeders to be more involved in mountains' sustainable development. We invite the different case studies to present in 10-12 pages or 20-25000 characters their respective papers, focusing on the diversity of occurred changes, trying to prioritize them. We are also very interested in other case studies. We suggest that they also present their respective papers in 10-12 pages or 20-25000 characters.

Registered Abstracts

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