ID48: Obtaining and integrating interdisciplinary mountain data


  • Full Title

    Obtaining and integrating interdisciplinary mountain data in support of research and policy

  • Scheduled

  • Co-Conveners

    Carolina Adler, Michael Mirtl & Steffen Zacharias (eLTER) and GEO Mountains

  • Assigned to Synthesis Workshop


  • Keywords

    Earth observations, interdisciplinary, long-term monitoring, numerical modelling, policy impacts, GEO Mountains, eLTER, standard observations


Mountain data collection and modelling efforts are still often conducted in narrow disciplinary silos and short-term projects. Systematically gathered and comprehensive long-term data are scarce, with socio-economic data often especially lacking. Consequently, key interactions and feedbacks operating across mountain socio-ecological systems may remain poorly understood and/or represented in models. We encourage contributions that, a priori, take highly interdisciplinary/holistic and/or long-term approaches to (in situ and/or remotely sensed) data collection, collation, or integration across spatial and elevational gradients, and modelling studies that capitalize on a broad range of observations to deliver improved decision-relevant predictions. Pathways towards sustainably and permanently obtaining Standard Observations / Essential Mountain Variables, ideally following open science principles, should be explored (e.g. the emerging eLTER RI). We anticipate a rich discussion on the challenges of working across traditional disciplinary and methodological boundaries.

Registered Abstracts

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