Why reporting from IMC2022?

Relevance of Mountain Regions

  • Mountain Regions cover around 25% of the Earth surface, have up to 1 billion inhabitants and provide crucial resources to up to one quarter of the Earth population
  • Mountain Regions are strongly impacted by global warming and other socio-economic changes
  • IMC is currently the largest international conference (currently > 800 registered participants) exclusively dealing with mountain research

What to report about?

Research topics at IMC2022 will be presented and discussed in >60 sessions and workshops. This is a large number of different topics but already the event titles provide a good idea of the contents to be discussed. Also, the IMC2022 organizer team is happy to personally advice and support you (English and German) for identifying topics and potential interview partners! Below, we lists some thematic examples:

  • Elevation dependent climate change (climate is changing differently at different altitudes)
  • Glacier and permafrost risks in a changing climate
  • The status and future of mountain waters
  • Future mountains with low-to-no snow and ice
  • Mountain grasslands under global change
  • Adaptation strategies and pathways for resilience in mountain regions
  • Towards climate neutrality in mountains
  • Mountain Protected Natural Areas as Sustainable Development Tools?
  • Climate Change & Mountain Recreation
  • Conflicts of interest – Recreation and alpine wildlife


  • Registration for journalists is required but free of charge.
  • To register, please generate a user account at https://www.conftool.com/imc2022/ and register for the category “Journalist”


Contact for Personal Support

Wolfgang Gurgiser