ID06: Andean glaciers and their role in the high mountain water cycle


  • Full Title

    Andean glaciers and their role in the high mountain water cycle

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  • Co-Conveners

    Álvaro Ayala, Francesca Pellicciotti and Alvaro Soruco

  • Assigned to Synthesis Workshop

    7. Future Mountains with low-to-no snow and ice

  • Keywords

    Andean glaciers; snow; glaciology; hydrology; climate change; glacier mass balance; droughts


Andean glaciers cover a very large latitudinal range, and provide vital meltwater for downstream populations and fragile ecological habitats. Understanding the current mass and energy balance of Andean glaciers, as well as their past changes and future evolution is therefore vital. We invite contributions which increase the understanding of the glaciological processes controlling the energy and mass balance of Andean glaciers, particularly those which attempt to understand the important tipping points in the future evolution of these glaciers or quantify their temporal evolution. We also encourage submissions which determine the role of snow and glacier melt in high elevation Andean catchments, especially in the face of drought conditions and projected climate warming. Research which defines how future glacier change might impact downstream water resources and ecosystem health would also be welcome, and we encourage holistic approaches that integrate disciplines. We encourage abstracts based on methodologies including field measurements, remote sensing and modelling approaches.

Registered Abstracts

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