1. Mountain Ecosystems under Global Change


  • Full Title

    Mountain Ecosystems under Global Change

  • Scheduled

    Thursday, 2022-09-15
    08:15 - 9:45; 10:15 -11:45

  • Moderated by

    Bader Maaike, Bahn Michael, Haberl Helmut, Mayr Stefan

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Mountain areas are important systems for biodiversity and global biogeochemical cycles and deliver a broad range of essential ecosystem services. In many mountain regions, including the Alps, climate change has been taking place at higher rates than the global average with potentially critical impacts on ecosystems, which are characterized by small-scale complexity and high sensitivity. While patterns of the responses of mountain ecosystems to global changes are increasingly emerging, there are significant gaps in the understanding of the underlying processes and their larger-scale implications in a future world.



Part 1
  • Workshop opening  (5 min)
  • Summary of Focus Session conveners  (20 sessions á 4 min -> 80 min)
  • Formation of groups for part 2 (5 min)
Part 2
  • Group discussions (50 min)
  • Presentation of main outcomes and plenary discussion (30 min)
  • General discussion, summary and outlook (10 min)

Assigned Focus Sessions

ID08: Assessing vulnerabilities and resilience to mountain hazards

Focus Sessions

ID15: Current Dynamics and trends in Housing in Mountain Area

Focus Sessions

ID31: Integrated socioecological and ecohydrological modelling

Focus Sessions

ID45: Native and non-native species range expansions in mountains

Focus Sessions

ID46: Nature-based solutions to water-related risks in mountain regions

Focus Sessions

ID53: Policy-relevant mountain biodiversity monitoring

Focus Sessions

ID58: SedInOut: Sediment availability assessment linked to climate change

Focus Sessions

ID65: Species trait changes under global environmental change

Focus Sessions

ID75: Transformational adaptation of social-ecological mountain systems

Focus Sessions

ID83: Patterns of Elevation Dependent Climate Change in mountains

Focus Sessions
5. Probing the past, predicting the future
7. Future mountains with low-to-no snow and ice